The parable of the sowers and being “all in”

I had an interesting visit with my counselor on Monday.  Interesting usually means I learn something valuable and it’s generally not an easy lesson to learn (which no doubt is why it becomes valuable).  The lesson this time was about giving our hearts to God, nothing held back.  That’s not an easy thing for me to do.  In fact, I think I do it more “letter of the law” than “spirit of the law” and that’s kind of my problem.  But, the valuable lesson I learned is that I can see the difference now.  I know that I am not all in yet.  It means I struggle a lot on my own instead of turning to God for help.  But the good news is now that I’m aware, it means I can work towards improvement.  And it all began with a question, “Do you believe in God?” Continue reading

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Here are 12 wonderful reasons to celebrate recovery.  A friend of mine wrote this and I love the lessons she’s learned in her journey.  A few of my favorites are:

#1: Working the steps is work and it’s hard.  I see a lot of guys in my group who come to the meetings week in and week out complaining about how horrible their lives are but their study book is blank and they don’t have a sponsor.  I used to try to suggest these things but just like the AA book says, it creates resentment.  So I let it go and pray they finally see the light.  Working the steps = work.  But it’s totally worth it!!

#5: Worry does not change our outcome.  Totally true.  And I’m still guilty of this.  I struggle with anxiety, guilt, and shame.  That leads to a lot of worry.  But I’m working on it.  And letting God be the one to worry sounds like a great plan to me.  One more arrow to stick in my quiver!

#9: Feelings are hard and that’s okay.  Yep.

And last but not least, #10:  You are exactly where God wants you to be.  So true!  This is all about patience, trust, humility, faith, love, kindness (towards yourself).  Did I mention patience?  🙂

Great article!  Hope you enjoy it.

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I didn’t know anything about 12 step programs before 2015. Maybe a few jokes here and there. Maybe how it was depicted on a sitcom. I was a Seinfeld fan and there was an episode about Step 9. And how George was looking for an apology from someone who was in AA. So my concept […]

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