30 Day Writing Challenge

In June of 2016 I decided to take on a 30 day writing challenge.  30 blog posts every day of the month.  The topics may include thoughts from my morning study, part of my journey to recovery, interesting learnings from my group meetings, a conversation with a friend, and so on.  I hope you find something useful, uplifting, and helpful 🙂

  1. Day 1: The power of a 30 day challenge
  2. Day 2: Not my will, but thine be done
  3. Day 3: Keys to Recovery
  4. Day 4: Do you Keep a Gratitude Journal?
  5. Day 5: Incredible sadness with no trigger!
  6. Day 6: Working with Others
  7. Day 7: Some days are just okay
  8. Day 8: Abstain from Sexual Fantasy