My Journey to Recovery

The following blog entries cover the path of my journey.  The first section is where I am (or have been) currently — it represents today.  The second section is the collection of what lead me to where I am today.  I’ve ordered each post from newest to oldest.  If you want to start at the beginning then you’ll want to go to the bottom of section two and work your way up.  Each link will open a new tab so that you can easily come back here to find the next post to read.

My journey today

  1. Embarking on a new path in recovery
    1. Journey Update: Objectification of Women
  2. A run a day keeps the triggers away
  3. 9 months of sobriety
  4. 30 Day Writing Challenge
  5. My first experience as a sponsor
  6. Finding the courage to attend my first 12 step meeting
  7. Recovery Tools/Tips
  8. The power of a symbolic reminder
  9. 4 years went by in a flash!

My journey from the beginning until today

  1. Backstory: First exposure through teen years
  2. Backstory: Early Twenties – Along came the Internet
  3. Backstory: Along came mobile…