Major trigger event – total surprise!

I logged onto my blog and email to check for visitors and found a message from Facebook that they had deactivated my page because it was not linked to a real account.  I went into an immediate emotional tailspin unlike anything I’ve felt in a long time.  I was shocked at how strong the feelings were and immediately recognized it as a major trigger event.  Wow!  I didn’t think I would have those anymore, but all I can say is, “Yes, I still have them.”  The difference is I recognized it for what it was and immediately went into Continue reading

Resources I have found useful

I am often asked what I’ve done to become free of my pornography addiction and stay strong in my recovery.  Each time I’ll share different things depending on where the person is in their own recovery, but I thought it might be useful to share all of the activities, books, online sites, etc., that have been critical in helping me recover and find my freedom. Continue reading

Hi, my name is Mike!

Hello and welcome to my story.  I hope that my story will be something you can connect to and feel a part of and not be about just me – I would love to create a community of support.  Hopefully, if I am successful in sharing my story, you will be encouraged to share your own story and together we can create a place where those of us who are actively recovering from pornography addiction can gain strength, help each other, and direct new people to help them with their battles as well. Continue reading