It’s all part of the human condition.

“It’s all part of the human condition.”  Those are the words my brother lovingly shared with me over the phone as we talked about my daughter who had just been admitted to a mental health hospital for severe depression.  He had been there.  He knew what it was like to suffer with horrible depression for years.  That was last Wednesday.  We’re hoping she’s well enough to go home tomorrow but there are no guarantees.  And worst of all, there’s nothing I can do to fix it.

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To Moms (and Dads) with children suffering with pornography addiction

A good friend of mine has a son who struggles with pornography addiction.  They both reached out to me because I’ve been open about my addiction and willing to talk to anyone who has questions or needs help.  One of the first things I told her was to not be angry with him, don’t punish him, and don’t pile on any extra guilt — he’ll do plenty of that on his own and it won’t be helpful.  (This message applies to dads as well.) Continue reading

Talking with your children about pornography

This evening I was on my children’s computer in the kitchen and decided to review the YouTube history.  I was surprised to see some videos that had been watched by our oldest.  They were from popular YouTube stars with what I would consider adult topics that have heavy sexual overtones in their content.  I won’t list them nor give direct examples of what they said but I would definitely rate it an NC-17 for what they were talking about in their content.  Certainly not for someone who is learning how to handle their time online.  I shared an example video with my wife and after we both looked at each other in complete shock, she asked, “Well maybe she didn’t listen to that one.”  I indicated that it came directly out of the “watched history” list.  And there were easily 30-40 from that one individual, I can’t imagine what was on the other channels and didn’t really need to know.  What we needed to do was take action. Continue reading