Day 7 of 30: Some days are just okay

Normally I am a very optimistic person.  I can generally see the silver lining in just about anything.  But every once in a while I have a blue day.  They were much stronger and more frequent when I was struggling with my addiction.  Mix that with acting out and the guilt/shame cycle that would follow and I had quite the nasty depressive combination.  But these days I would describe my blue days as more of a “Meh” day.  Unfortunately it’s a bit of a catch 22.  It tends to impact my motivation and so I don’t accomplish the things I set out to do for the day — which also makes me feel a bit down.  Then I feel bad for possibly not helping someone else which also kind of makes it worse.  Can you feel my pity party I have going on here?  🙂 Continue reading

Day 4 of 30: Do you Keep a Gratitude Journal?

A few weeks ago we were in the Addiction Recovery Program meeting and while an individual was sharing his thoughts on his recovery with the group he asked us the question, “Do you keep a gratitude journal?”  I found that to be an interesting question.  Originally I thought, “I do keep a journal, not every day, but often.  Why do I need a second journal?  I already record thoughts in it that are sometimes thoughts of gratitude.”  Continue reading