4 years went by in a flash!

The journey continues to be worth it

Sunday morning as I was saying my daily prayers I felt impressed to write a post on my blog. I haven’t done that in years. Almost 4 years to be exact. It took two days just to get my passwords reset, figure out my old email account, and now I get to learn a new interface to WordPress. But as with most things that tend to be difficult, I imagine it will be worth it.

The first question is, what should I write about? If I were to sum up the progress I’ve made in my addiction recovery over the last 4 years I would say, “Amazing”. Other words include: hard, failure, success, transformation, learning, knowledge, change, serve, give, grow, heal, love, grace, and continue.

I’ll write more over the coming days because I should really gather my thoughts and figure out what the purpose of writing should be. In particular, how can I help you as a reader? My page on tips for those wanting to stop masturbation continues to be my #1 page. Maybe I should expand on that and invite my counselor to share material and suggestions for others. Maybe I should talk about my failures and what I learned from them. Maybe I should talk about who I am today and simply show that change is possible — and wow is it possible!!

I’ll finish today’s entry with a simple phrase that has become my key to success, the advice I most give others, and the thing that helps me pick myself up, dust myself off, and start walking forward again. “Don’t quit!” That’s it. It feels simple, and sometimes it is. But it can be really hard too. Especially when you’re deep in the middle of a difficult trial that is pushing you beyond anything you’ve experienced before. You’ll need help from family, friends, and God. But at the end of the day, none of that will matter if you quit. So don’t. Just keep trying. Even if you’ve failed a thousand times — here’s to starting 1001 and seeing if this one will be better. Don’t quit. I believe in you. God believes in you. You are not alone and you can do this if you’ll simply try.


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