My brother’s tribute to my sobriety: “Lady Liberty is totally modestly dressed”

Every now and then something will truly move me.  It will usually change my perspective on how I see the world, how I look to the future, or how I even interpret my past.  Most of them are with my family like an incredible vacation, a lost loved one, or a major event in our children’s lives.  But once in a while something unique occurs and it becomes one of the things that will always be part of me and I will never forget.  The latest indelible memory came from my brother in the form of a padded envelope on Friday afternoon.  I had tears in my eyes as I read the letter that accompanied the coin that is the picture for this post.  I will always keep it with me.  It is one of the few (maybe the only?) treasured “things” that I possess.  I didn’t have the words to truly express to my brother how much it meant to me and I don’t even now.  So I will simply share with you the amazing things that he said.  I believe that most of them will apply to you someday when you find your sobriety and have your own transformational experience through a 12 step program.



I’ve been thinking about a way to express my gratitude for your example.  I’ve settled on this 2015 Silver Eagle.

I purchased it for you as a pocket piece, specifically, as a “sobriety” piece marking your sobriety date in 2015.  I know it’s common to have a pocket piece (or chip) presented at your 1 year anniversary, and I don’t know if you have one [Mike: I do], but this is one I want to give to you … not marking your one year, but marking the date you started.

I chose this pocket piece for you, because of some basic symbols:

  1. It’s new.  Representing a new you, you quite literally will be the first human to touch the surface of the minted coin.  I purchased it in a way that guaranteed that.  When you pull the coin out of the holder, you and the coin will connect.  It’ll be yours 100%.
  2. It’s pure silver.  Silver is a special metal.  It doesn’t corrode, it’s malleable, and it’s precious.  Just like your spirit.
  3. Silver is naturally anti-bacterial.  Anciently used as vessels to store water wine and drink, it’s properties prevent bacterial growth and ensured freshness.  Keep it as a reminder that you are a pure vessel, too.
  4. Its beauty is because of a master architect.  As you see the details, be reminded of the amazing things that God has provided to us in our lives.
  5. It will wear down.  Also be reminded that, like the coin, your life and body will wear down with use.  Just as we “soften” our hard edges with use and life experience, as you carry the coin, it’ll be softened, smoothed, and ultimately worn away.  Be reminded that while it looks beat up, it functionally has still remained PURE.  Sharp details fade with time, but the underlying value never will.
  6. It’s an allegory of life.  At the end of your life, you might find this pocket piece is back to a blank … all the details worn away.  If that happens, be reminded of the great blessings of being able to start over, be re-made, and shaped in the image of our Father .. all because of your purity.
  7. It’s a great pocket piece!  A great conversation starter!  Every time you pull it out, you can talk about what a cool piece of history it is, and when you look at the 2015 mark, you’ll be reminded, privately, why you carry it as a sobriety piece.  When you bump it in your pocket, you’ll be reminded why it’s there.  Also, Lady Liberty is totally modestly dressed.  🙂
  8. It’s valuable enough to care about not losing it.  A reminder that YOU also have value, and your loss would be significant.  Unlike, you, though, it can be replaced.  Carry it, worry about it, but remember like yourself, some of the best work done is when we lose ourselves to the Lord.  If you find the piece is gone, ask that it has gone to help someone who really needs it.
  9. Every moment is a decision.  Heads and tails … use it to make fun decisions, stop arguments, decide between two things, help make choices .. and every time you do, remember that your own actions are always like this coin:  One side leads towards happiness, the other side leads away.  While you don’t need a coin to choose the right, every time you use it, you’ll be reminded to make the right choice.  One of purity.
  10. It was given to you.  People are behind you, support you, and value you.  Be reminded of that, when you hold it.

Thanks so much for the great examples you’ve given in your lifetime to those around you.  I love you, brother, more than you can ever know.  I will walk with you, before you, behind you, and carry you when needed.  I will always have your back.

God bless you,
Your brother.


Isn’t that amazing?  You may not have a brother like mine, but you can have friends who care about you just like my brother does.  I’m building new relationships each week as I meet with my group to discuss the nature of our addiction and the unique and powerful plan to overcome it.  I hope you find someone who will lift you, and carry you when you need it.  Most importantly, I hope you find that person to be your Higher Power and that you find the sobriety you’re looking for and that you can then share it with others and become the person who helps lift their brother or sister.

My name is Mike

4 thoughts on “My brother’s tribute to my sobriety: “Lady Liberty is totally modestly dressed”

  1. I LOVE this and can feel the love of your brother toward you! I was just recommended this site by my sponsor and look forward to lots of great reading…thanks so far Mike!


      • I’d love to hear how you dealt with all of the past issues that lead you to addiction (e.g., family of origin, lack of connection issues, etc.) while simultaneously working to get a handle on the actions of addiction that bogged you down in the present (e.g., walking away from porn, masturbating, self-medicating, etc.)


      • Those sound like great topics, I will be happy to work on those. I can also ask my support group some of these questions and get their responses as well. We’ve found that not everyone experiences our addiction the same way.


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