9 months of sobriety

This week in my SAA Primary Purpose 12 step meeting I celebrated my 9 months of sobriety since starting with my SAA 12 step group and finding freedom from my addiction (you can find a local SAAPP group here if interested).  We’ve restarted reading the AA big book using the question and answer study guide.  We all commented on one of the paragraphs in Doctor Bob’s introduction where he whole heartedly endorsed the method of the AA 12 step program as the best way to beat addiction.  What struck us most was the first key to recovery that he focused on was to share the message of your own recovery with others.  That you needed to work the steps and then go find other people to help them work their steps (this is effectively step 12).

Which permanently answers a couple of questions I had a couple of months ago:  “When do I stop ‘having’ to work on my addiction?  When can I stop attending meetings?”

It appears the answer is, “If I want to stay sober, I will continue to work with others (step 12).  I will continue to recognize my shortcomings and make amends (step 10), and ask God each day what I can do for Him and what can I do to help others (step 11).”

Initially I felt overwhelmed by that revelation.  The rest of my life?  That’s a long time!  What a burden!

But since I’ve been sharing my message with others through this blog and inviting people locally to join me at our SAA Primary Purpose meeting, I have felt lifted.  I have felt like I have a new lease on life.  I feel positive and upbeat.  I feel successful.  I feel like I’m really making a difference.  I’m not bothered or burdened by my addiction — I’m free!  I wouldn’t give it up for anything.  It’s not a burden, it’s a pleasure!

Enjoy your day today.  If you’re on your first day of sobriety after falling down, great job!  Keep it up!  If you’re on 6 months or a year — great job, keep it up!  If you’re on 20 years — great job, keep it up!!

And if you’re thinking to yourself right now, “I would like to find my own way out of the hole I’m in.  I’ve hit bottom and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get sober and stay sober.”  GREAT JOB!!  We all start somewhere.  Call a friend.  Find someone who has walked this path and invite them to guide you.  Go to saapp.org and find a local meeting — show up and let them know you’re ready to commit to sobriety, they will welcome you with open arms.

One day at a time my friend.

My name is Mike

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